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Was established In 2016 by founder Christian May.

The brand was created after he suffered a serious rupture to his right bicep, this required an operation just a few days later.

After the surgery the doctors advised him that he may be out of work for a while and normal every day operations will be affected, Though this come as a shock at first, Christian decided he wasn’t going to listen to the professionals advice.

The only way to get back to full health was to have the correct mindset and attitude, so he worked hard with his physio and sometimes even trained twice a day to reach his goal.

Within just two months he was back to full fitness and returned back to work. The heartbeat of the brand is to always believe in yourself, you can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it…


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Muscle May Apparel

41 Station Road

Ellesmere Port

CH66 1NU